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Custom Paper Products
Bowl belt

Upgrade your food packaging offerings with our bowl belt, the perfect solution for secure and stylish transportation of meals.

1563835930-Burger-Box-min-scaled-q2vcnd51kielk6tc3b4a4gxl61c1mrcyjb9ncsmpmo (1)
Burger Box

Protect your burger and keep it fresh with our durable and reliable burger box packaging solution

Combo Flaps

Get a complete meal-on-the-go with our innovative combo flaps packaging solution, perfect for securely holding a burger, fries, and a drink.

Fries Cup

Serve and enjoy hot, crispy fries with ease , designed for optimal freshness and convenience

216792034-combo-box-min-scaled-q2vck0tp9ptwa3o3lv419bal4pt29i3berrhxdl3r4 (1)
Combo Box

Experience the ultimate convenience with our innovative combo box packaging solution.

Fries Stand

Transport hot and crispy fries with ease using our innovative fries stand packaging solution.

367179500-Black-paper-box-min-scaled-q2vcks30rwv7mski6ow7rmeycw2pgq3j6iokuegoqo (1)
Black Paper Box

Elevate the presentation of your products with our sleek and stylish black paper box packaging solution.

2124440057-custom-foil-container-lids-min-scaled-q2vcodsqz1ss4zc358yqbpokc2bcyyehocpl2l4cw0 (1)
Custom foil Container lid

Protect your products with our custom coil container lid packaging solution, and ensure freshness and security.

Pizza Box

Pizza boxes are a type of cardboard box designed specifically to transport and store pizza safely and conveniently

Chinese Style Box

Upgrade your packaging with our stylish and functional Chinese style boxes, perfect for food and gifts.

1879229143 tray liner wax paper-min
Tray liner Wax paper
Tray wax paper is a  cost-effective solution for preventing food from sticking to trays & enhancing food presentation.

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